Every business situation is unique, that’s why the consultation process differs from case to case. The stages of the consultation process also depend on how the consultant works with the client.

In most cases consulting stages are:

  1. Initiating the consulting project. Any consulting project begins with the existence of a problem in the organization and with the necessity of consulting services. Once there are such premises, it is enough just to contact Consultex in order to establish an interview.
  2. The discussion of the client's problem during an interview between the client and the consultant. During the interview, the client describes the problems faced by the organization. The consultant, by asking the appropriate questions, identifies the essence of the problem, the causes of its occurrence, the current consequences of the problem, and the threats that may arise in the future.
  3. The determination of the purpose and objectives of the consultancy project and the methods of consultant-client cooperation;
  4. Presentation of the commercial offer with the following content: the purpose and objectives of the consultancy project; methodology and applied analysis tools; structure of the consultancy project; deliverables and reporting; duration and execution graph; CVs of consultants and experts involved in the project; resources and price offer.
  5. Negotiation and signing of the consultancy contract;
  6. Execution of the consultancy project by the team of consultants;
  7. Presentation of project results with related conclusions and recommendations.