Providing hands-on support in implementing the strategy and managing change

If strategy development is more a prerogative of a team of top managers and/or consultants, then the strategy implementation requires a collective effort of the entire organization. Moreover, in most cases the implementation of the strategy involves making complex changes in the company regarding:

  • The organizational structure;
  • Processes;
  • Allocation of resources;
  • Technologies;
  • Obtaining new skills and knowledge;
  • Roles and responsibilities;
  • Motivation, appreciation, remuneration;
  • Corporate culture.

The change within a company affects first and foremost the employees, who, in turn, contribute the most to the successful implementation of the strategy. Employees' reaction to change is often manifested by: confusion, fear, stress, sabotage, intrigue, resistance, loss of motivation, lack of involvement, conflicts, dismissal, etc. For the effective strategy execution, sometimes it is necessary to change even the way of thinking of some employees.

In addition to employees, change often affects other stakeholders: customers, distributors, suppliers, shareholders, business partners, etc.

CONSULTEX provides a systemic approach in the strategy implementation and change management. We have effective tools and methodology to help organizations successfully implement the strategy and effectively manage the change process, to exclude negative effects and minimize employees resistance to change.